Is there anything better than our pets?  Whether they’re yours or someone else’s on the internet, dogs and cats bring tons of much-needed comedy to our lives.

  1.  But look at that face!  Who could possibly stay mad?

2.  When your great aunt who talks for at least an hour every time calls and your mom says, “Yeah, (s)he’s right here…”

3.  To be fair, cats are pretty damn cute, and almost all of them are cuter than most people.

4.  Typical retrievers.  They really know how to make guests feel welcome.

5.  Tough crowd.  But that’s cats for ya.

6.  Talk about a photoBOMB.  *ba dum pssh*  (Yeah, I know it was bad.  I couldn’t help myself.)

7.  Some people really have too much time on their hands…

8.  They missed pink kitty feets, jelly beans, and teddy bears (look at the photo upside down).

9.  Awww.  Who knew you could feel like a fourth wheel?

10.  Is this excitement or outrage over that hotdog?

11.  Ahhh, so this is the best way to grow catnip…

12.  Some would say this dog is a picky eater, but brown muck just isn’t for everybody.

13.  There are five states of matter:  solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and cat.

14.  Good thing this kitty is sleeping… otherwise someone might be missing digits for pulling this kind of crap.

15.  Cats:  simultaneously vexatious and loveable.

16.  If only every office, DMV, and customer service line had a dog at the desk…

17.  No matter how cute and silly they are, you know that they’re still evil little hellions.  (Get it?  Hel-LIONS?)

18.  Yikes!  This dog looks like Swamp Thing!

19.  This cute little schmutz-nose just can’t even.

20.  Who would have guessed that kittens knew how to math?

21.  They totally missed the opportunity to call it a cat-ellite dish…

22.  That face clearly says “No regrets,” though…

23.  There really is no explaining cats…. despite years of scientific research, they’re still a mystery.

24.  There’s a very good reason you never hear the term “cat trainer”… cats will ALWAYS do whatever they want.  They can only be trained to come running at the sound of a food can or treat bag being opened.

25.  I hear ya, buddy – taxidermy freaks out everyone.

26.  The sincere looks of concern given by every parent ever.

27.  In this case, art definitely imitates life.

28.  So much yes in this compilation right here….

29.  Those feets!  If Teddy isn’t just the cutest lil thing ever…

30.  It’s funny how for some, a little makeup can bring out their true nature.

31.  He might be a bit confused, but at least he’s in good company.

Life With Dogs does not own the right to any of these photos – all were found on Buzzfeed (To see all the dogs, click here.  To see all the cats, click here.

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